3 Slab Leak Repair Methods

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Repiping Memphis, Slab Leak Detection Memphis, Slab Leak Repair Memphis

Are you starting to have suspicions that your property may perhaps be needing a slab leak repair in Olive Branch, Horn Lake, Southaven, or Memphis? Initially, look at the slab leak signs and symptoms we have on this page. Our article below, will feature three of the most widely utilized methods for handling these kind of leaks in ones concrete foundation.

Direct Access
This is the conventional and most direct solution to uncover slab leaks and fix them, by jack hammering up the cement floor to gain access to the pipe and mend the leaking plumbing line. It is the most disruptive method, with a lot of noise and mess. If there are even more serious problems mounting with the concrete slab, this sort of restoration could just be a temporary repair. Also, if the leak is beneath walls or cabinetry, it doesn’t appear sensible to excavate the floor beneath them. Costs of replacing carpet, wood, or tile flooring really need to be factored into the repair estimate also.

Epoxy Restoration
Initially, the insides of the pipes are cleaned out and after that sprayed with epoxy lining. The epoxy seals up the affected patches in the water lines and puts a stop to the leak. It will likely prevent any potential future water leaks in other spots in the piping as the liner is attached to all of the pipes within plumbing system. Places where house owners are concerned with lead or copper toxins coming into the water can be eliminated after the pipes are sealed inside.

Pipe Re-RouteSlab Leak Repair Horn Lake MS
This can be probably the preferred technique these days for restoring a slab leak and a good number of insurance companies have no troubles with it either. It is a relatively self-explanatory phrase, where a new water line is put in to replace the water line having a leak. The leaking pipe is closed so it won’t continue to leak. The new pipe is put in often in walls or ceilings given that we do not need to dig new accessibility in the cement slab for it. This solution is perfect for shorter pipe runs, for in case it is a longer water line, the amount of cutting into the interior surfaces of walls and ceilings will be a great deal more extensive. Drywall will be required to be replaced. Even so, we have years of expertise at being resourceful in rerouting pipes where it will cause the minimum level of harm or restoration to ones house.

Brand new technologies continue to develop and that has most certainly been the situation with the various materials from which water pipes are designed. An item known as PEX piping, is a nonmetallic sort of water pipe that is certainly very useful in the pipe re-routing, or repiping process. In contrast to using copper pipes, PEX pipes cost homeowners thousands of dollars less to utilize for a total property repipe job, so that is one advantage. It is going to additionally survive a lot longer compared with copper pipe. PEX will retain heat in hot water lines, and will reduce condensation in cold water lines.

With whatever approach a plumbing repair company uses, the final step then is to carry out a leak evaluation. A complete leak detection needs to be completed on the entire plumbing system to verify there are actually no water leaks anywhere. Also, if you use us to execute the repairs, we will definitely ensure that your whole household is more clean compared to how we found it. With the level of initial concern we know homeowners have concerning the chaos a Memphis slab leak repair could have on their home, we’d like our customers only saying the finest things concerning us to their friends and neighbors. We guarantee to go the additional mile to make certain you are pleased with the end results and our cleanliness.